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It is predicted that an earthquake and tsunami will occur in the city of Padang

It is predicted that an earthquake and tsunami will occur in the city of Padang

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WEST SUMATERA AKTUALDETIK.COM Experts from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) West Sumatra (West Sumatra) predict that there is a possibility that an 8.9 magnitude earthquake will occur and has the potential to cause a tsunami in the vicinity of the city of Padangis known based on if there is a Megathrust Mentawai fault.Head of Prevention and Preparedness (PK) BPBD West Sumatra Syahrazad Jamil added that the tsunami waves in Padang City would be 6 to 10 meters high.

"20 to 30 minutes later followed by a tsunami wave in Padang City as high as six to 10 meters with a distance of two to five kilometers," he said, during a virtual discussion related to efforts to reduce the risk of tsunami disasters in West Sumatra Province such asreported by Antara, Friday, November 13, 2020.The total number of people affected by the tsunami disaster is predicted to be at least 1.3 million people.

Using the worst-case scenario, it is estimated that 39,321 people died, 52,367 were missing and 103,225 were injured.

"Teluk Bayur Port and Minangkabau Airport were destroyed, that's the prediction of the experts," he saidas reported by Jurnalgaya.com in the article, "The City of Padang is Threatened by an 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Followed by a Tsunami 10 meters As far as 5 kilometers", it is said that the island of Sumatra has experienced several tsunami disasters. specifically in West Sumatra, the tsunami occurred in the Mentawai Islands on October 25, 2010 and killed up to 408 people.

To be aware of the worst possibility, the Province of West Sumatra has made various efforts, including building partnerships and coordination with national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including non-governmental organizations(NGO).The West Sumatra government, he continued, is also working together in the formation of the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB) and disaster preparedness groups up to the village or sub-district level.

Furthermore, cooperation with the TNI and Polri will continue to be strengthened in terms of disaster management, including with state and private universities in the province.

Not only that, disaster risk reduction programs and activities will also be strengthened by establishing disaster-safe education units, disaster preparedness groups, independent evacuation drills and the construction of mitigation and evacuation facilities in the form of sheltersevacuation route map, and early warning."The shelter assistance that we build provides a sense of security for the community. Moreover, since the 2009 earthquake, buildings such as hotels have mushroomed," he said.

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