National Press is Not Doing Well, Whats the Problem?

National Press is Not Doing Well, Whats the Problem?

Foto: Presiden Joko Widodo (Kanan), Ketua Umum Perkumpulan Pers Daerah Seluruh Indonesia "PPDI" (kiri)

PEKANBARU, AKTUALDETIK.COM - The momentum to commemorate the 2023 National Press Day (HPN) which was held in Medan City, North Sumatra, as well as a self-introspection for all members of the National Press, because as conveyed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, that the National Press is notJust fine. in the pink

Thursday, 09/02/2023.

"I need to convey here on this National Press Day, that the National Press is not doing well," said Jokowi.

President Jokowi did not seem to specify what he meant by his words, but Jokowi raised a number of problems, among others, related to national advertising spending, it turns out that 60% has been enjoyed by foreign-owned digital media platforms, and he said that domestic media is moderatein a condition of losing financial resources, which is increasingly worrying the national press industry.
, "Media in Indonesia must adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of information technology, must be innovative, this must not happen, the government, ministries, institutions and local governments must support the press industry so that it can continue to survive and also support the government iconvey information to the public," he added.Apart from that, what is no less important is that Jokowi also emphasized that currently the problem in the world of the National Press has shifted, from the issue of press freedom, to the issue of responsible news.

, "At present, everyone can make news, free to establish media, what's more less freedom of the press, society is flooded every second with information, but most of the news is shallow and tends to only prioritize the commercialization side, regardless of the weight of the truth of the information,"Say Jokowi.For all of President Jokowi's statements, the general chairman of the Press organization, the Indonesian Regional Press Association (PPDI), Feri Sibarani, S.H, appreciated every point related to problems in the world of the National Press, conveyed by President Jokowi. Ferry said that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, really cares and closely follows what and how the life of the National Press is and what are the problems of the Press.

"Every remark Mr. President Jokowi has made regarding the existence of our press world today is a very objective, realistic assessment, not making it up, really as the father of the nation who gave his whole life to his people. so much detail regarding the issue of advertising spending that the President knows, this is extraordinaryThis means that the President also pays close attention to what the Press Council does from time to time, including recent issues related to the Press Council's rejection of the BNSP's performance for journalist competency certification, and the statement by the Director General of IKP at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Usman Kansong some time ago,"Call the Sibarani Ferry, today in Pekanbaru.According to Feri Sibarani, who is also the Editor in Chief of the AKTUALDETIK.COM online media, in addition to what was conveyed by President Jokowi, the current problem among National Press personnel is UKW, Verification of Press Companies by the Press Council and SKW by BNSP. Ferry sees the need for the presence of the central government to encourage the resolution of the problem which is increasingly heating up.

, "From the President's presentation on National Press Day this time, we did not hear the President mention UKW and Verified Press companiesthe president only reminded the Press Council and members of the National press, to be more responsible for reporting. And that can be done by members of the press by paying attention to the professional code of ethics, also known as the journalistic code of ethics," Ferry said.

Ferry also alluded to all the statements made by the former Chairman of the Press Council, Muhammad Nuh, which in his opinion greatly deviated from the duties and functions of the Press Council as stated in article 15 of the Press Law. According to Feri Sibarani, as a result of Muhammad Nuh's statements in recent years, a number of media with legal entities and good journalistic work in Indonesia have lost the opportunity to get advertising contracts with the government.

In addition, the statement by the chairman of the central PWI, Atal Depari, also received an assessment from Feri Sibaraniaccording to him, Atal through his statements in various media about the function of BNSP as the owner of authority over the implementation of professional certification, including journalists, is an indication of non-compliance with government policies.

"If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Atal is responding to the role of BNSP as the owner of the authority for certification, Atal often says journalists are not subject to the Labor Laweven though the BNSP with all its programs, as stated in PP No. 10 of 2018, does not want to interfere in the performance of the press, instead, the BNSP is only a special body to conduct worker competency tests, in order to provide professional competency certification, so that later you will get itrecognition and being able to compete for job opportunities at the national and international levels," he said.
Atal Depari is said to have shown an attitude of non-subject to government policies, namely PP No. 10 of 2018 in creating human resources, especially the journalist profession, in order to achieve the goals of Presidential Decree No. 8 of 2012 concerning Indonesia's National Work Qualifications, which in turn can improve living standardsthe economy and welfare of every journalist., "Atal Depari misunderstood the Press Law and the lex specialist nature of the Press Law. The government has more power over all laws. No matter how specific a law is, it is impossible to cancel the government's plans and strategies in increasing human resources. Atal, in my opinion, failed to understand the interpretation of the duties of the Press Council and the duties of the BNSP at the same time. Even in the narration, I see Atal often expressing paradoxical opinions," Feri concluded.

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